7 Questions to Quiz Your Abaqus (SIMULIA) VAR

When you’re using technical software, success comes down to support and knowledge, not just in the usage of the software; but also in purchase, implementation, and education. Fortunately, when you buy SIMULIA software (Abaqus, CST Studio Suite, fe-safe, Tosca, Isight, etc), Dassault Systèmes is not the only one invested in your success. SIMULIA is sold through authorized VARs (value-added resellers) like Caelynx. We are your allies, your first and swiftest line of assistance, and we want to see you flourish. There are multiple SIMULIA VARs within your region and you are free to pick among them, so here are some questions you should ask to make sure you have a good partner every step of the way, from initial product research through — hopefully — adoption and expansion!

1. Do you KNOW our business?

It’s easier to get things done when there’s common ground. When you’re working with fellow professionals who are familiar with your type of engineering, who are familiar with companies like yours, who may have done work very similar to your own; you can expect a higher level of understanding of your intentions. This will result in those intentions being realized faster and more completely. For example, an Abaqus VAR with consulting experience in vibration analysis will have no trouble putting together and supporting an Abaqus software package for a new NVH analyst. The VAR’s engineers will know how the software is going to be used, they will already have answers for NVH-related questions that may arise, and they will already know what success looks like when using the software for these purposes. It’s easier if it’s not your first rodeo.

2. Will you find me the RIGHT software package?

Dassault Systèmes has a huge catalogue of engineering tools for all kinds of engineering, from microchips to rocket ships, from startups to enterprises. A good SIMULIA VAR has encyclopedic knowledge of what’s available and what it’s for, and has spent the time to get to know you and your goals in order to create a good match. They will present you with a package that is neither overly broad nor insufficient for your needs.

3. Will you help me find the IDEAL hardware configuration?

SIMULIA software crunches a whole lot of numbers. It’s not uncommon for someone in the market for software to be interested in buying purpose-built hardware alongside it. A knowledgeable and experienced VAR has spent the time figuring out how to optimize their own solve times, so they can help you spec out a powerful system that makes the most out of your budget. They may even provide a referral to the trusted builder they use for their own machines.

4. Can you help us INSTALL the software?

Installing Abaqus on a regular workstation is one thing (and a good VAR can certainly help with that). But what about your Linux server? Or are you thinking about an HPC/MPI compute cluster? A good Abaqus VAR has technical people in their office who can talk to you and your IT department and get you up and running, no matter your system environment. A particularly relatable VAR has many systems of their own (laptops, workstations, and servers across the price range), and will have direct experience with a situation like yours.

5. Are you ACCESSIBLE when we need help?

SIMULIA support starts with your VAR, who can be reached via phone, email, and web ticketing. In this service, one of the most significant ways a VAR can distinguish itself — from other resellers and from larger enterprises in general — is with fast response times. Time is money, and deadlines matter — no one wants to put a project on hold while waiting for help. Any VAR can ping Dassault Systèmes and get someone else to answer your question once it works through the system, but a great VAR is more likely to have correct answers on the spot, because they know their stuff.

6. Are you an EXPERT who knows their stuff?

Engineering is hard and stakes are high; it requires serious education and a commitment to getting things right. Beyond that, engineering software like Abaqus does very advanced stuff, and there’s mountains of theoretical and practical documentation. A good Abaqus VAR respects this by employing smart engineers who are experienced power users; and the most trusted VARs are qualified to teach workshops and award certifications. When you have a question about how/why something works or need a methodology you can use, you should get a clear and correct answer that leads to replicable success and greater understanding.

7. Do you COMMUNICATE well?

It can be hard to articulate technical information in a way that is easily understood. A practiced communicator is an intelligent listener who will give your situation their full attention, and provide a complete path to resolution that is satisfactory to you, ideally including clear and concise instructions, references to useful documentation, and examples to demystify process and execution.

At Caelynx, the answer to all these questions is, of course, „YES„!

You have a lot of choices for your Dassault Systèmes VAR, but we believe we’re the best among them, due to our roots as a consulting company that uses SIMULIA every day in a multitude of ways. That’s why, in 2011, after years as a customer, Dassault Systèmes picked us to be one of the very first VARs. We’ve been in your shoes — the people of Caelynx have plenty of experience researching, purchasing, learning, and using new software for the business. As consumers, we want the buying process to be straightforward, specific to our needs, and not too expensive. As a business, we want to be up and running fast, with the support and training that our people need, and getting the most out of our investment. As engineers, we want to know how and why it works, we want to ask serious questions to someone we trust, and we want to be sure everything works exactly right.


As your Abaqus VAR, we are fully invested in your on-going success.

Our satisfied customers make better products, do well by their own clients, and improve the world with new innovations. They come back to us for licensing, support, training, and sometimes even partner with us on projects. Together we thrive! Reach out to us or tell us how to contact you to begin a conversation about how we can become your VAR and help you take your work to new heights!